Corporate Leadership


Jeffrey Hale AIFA®, Vice President

Jeff is our Portfolio Coordinator lead, and oversees the modeling, construction, and management, of our Client portfolios in conjunction with our West Coast based asset management office. He has broad experience in all aspects of asset management, retirement planning, portfolio analysis and management, as well as design and implementation of qualified and non-qualified retirement plans for Individuals, Families, Business Owners, and Employees. He also leads the operations of our Institutional Advisors subsidiary. His career experience includes Client Relationship Manager roles at T. Rowe Price, Merrill Lynch, and Invesco. He is a recognized expert in delivering ERISA 3(16), 3(21) and 3(38) fiduciary services. Jeff holds an M.A. in Organizational Communication from the University of Wisconsin, and dual B.A.s in Psychology and Communication from the University of South Florida. He earned the professional designation of Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst. AIFA® designees are among the few financial pofessionals with certified knowledge in both prudent assessment processes and investment principles. He is securities licensed in multiple states, and is also a member of the American Society of Pension Professionals & Actuaries. Jeff,and his wife Mena Hale, live in metro Atlanta with their children, Benjamin and Olivia.


Lars B. Obel, Co-Founder/President/Chief Financial Officer

A co-founder of both LIS and LISA, Lars is a native of Denmark with extensive international business and finance experience. Educated as a scientist and engineer at the University of Kansas, and a member of one of Denmark's oldest industrial families, Lars brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding of global markets and geopolitical implications in investing. His current corporate holdings span the globe in multiple industries. Lars is Chief Financial Officer for all LIS related holdings, and currently holds the title of President of Lifetime Income Store Advisors. Lars resides in Copenhagen with his wife Pia, and their 3 children.


Scott Albertson, Co-Founder/CEO

Scott co-founded Lifetime Income Store and the Advisors with the belief that Wall Street is not always the best solution for Main Street. He directly serves clients across the income and portfolio spectrum in multiple states, and believes every Investor deserves Elite Level advice. His efforts to deliver world class financial education, service, and solutions, have earned the Company several Elite Advisor awards over the years. Scott is fully committed to furthering the firm's Elite Level advice mission, and reputation as "Main Street's Financial Partner". Born in Chicago, he grew up in Houston, Texas and Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, and earned his degree at Oklahoma State University.


Investment Management Professionals

The 14 elite professionals that form our Investment Team were selected because they come from diverse backgrounds, life experiences, educational training, and industry exposure. All of our Portfolio Managers hold either a Chartered Financial Analyst®, Chartered Financial Planner®, Certified Public Accountant, or Masters Business Adminstration, designation or degree. Their collective backgrounds, and shared investment philosophies precisely match LISA's core beliefs of delivering top shelf advice to every Investor, and managing portfolios to minimize downside exposure. The diversity these experts bring helps us understand the global markets and proper risk strategy from a variety of perspectives, which is key in managing the optimum portfolio for you. Our strength is constructing and managing your personal endowment style portfolio in a Separately Managed Account with laser focus to beat the market dips, corrections, and crashes, and deliver superior upside in good markets.

Our portfolio team manages all oversight and functions of your equity portfolio completely in-house, without managers of managers, mutual funds, bond funds, or other third party influences, and currently holds $1.6 Billion in Client Assets Under Management.

All of us at Lifetime Income Store are committed to serving the financial and estate interests of every person with whom we engage, and believe education and diversification can ultimately mitigate risk, maximize returns, and provide the financial lifestyle and security you deserve.

Lifetime Income Store, Inc. is a Retirement Income Specialist serving Clients in multiple states with retirement and estate planning, and financial education that includes training on Social Security benefits. Associates in the firm hold insurance licenses in multiple states. Please contact us for a complete listing.

Lifetime Income Store Advisors, LLC is a Fee Only Fiduciary Registered Investment Advisor with multiple State SEC registrations. The Firm's corporate office is in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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