The Benchmarks of Our Endowment Style of Investing


Our Money Managers have a track record of earnings, and enhancing downside protection, by achieving two simple goals:

#1 Meet or exceed the returns of the 100% Global Equities MSCI benchmark with an actively managed  portfolio typically comprised of less than 60% Equities.

#2 Outperform the Global MSCI  Benchmark during every market correction of 10% or greater.

We publish and distribute a full report of the overall Benchmark performance and rates of return generated by our Investment Managers. Overall results are available quarterly and annually. Contact us to review a copy, and compare the results to those of your current money manager.


Our Money Managers are a Benchmark of Portfolio your portfolio truly diversified?

The typical diversification approach has portfolio assets mostly allocated to US stocks with small holdings in a couple of other asset classes. Multiple studies indicate the overwhelming majority of investment managers lag their respective benchmarks. Additionally, studies such as Dalbar & Associates’ annual report, Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior - 2018, show the average investor in a self-managed strategy has achieved a long term return rate of 2%.

Our approach truly diversifies your portfolio across a number of investments that may include domestic and foreign equities, real estate, natural resources, and other alternative investments. The strategy maximizes liquidity and enhances the ability to move assets in the face of downward market pressure. Liquidity = mobility, and mobility is key to outperforming the dips.

On any given day, and depending on your risk profile, your Lifetime Income Store Advisors portfolio could look something like the chart below. If your  current portfolio doesn't resemble this example, call us and let's discuss why it matters.