What Sets Us Apart

We are an Unencumbered Fiduciary 

Lifetime Income Store Advisors (LISA) believes that an actively managed diversified portfolio of multiple-asset classes can deliver better long term risk-adjusted results than other investment styles such as mutual funds, funds of funds, ETF managers, and managers of managers. We only design and manage multi-asset class Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs). 

Beating Down Markets is a Gain

LISA believes low downside capture is the most important ingredient for long-term wealth. Many money managers have the ability to generate earnings when the markets are in a positive trend. We believe the true challenge, and the best way to maximize returns, is to outperform the markets when volatility creates dips, corrections, and crashes. 

These are very smart people who really know how to manage money in all market conditions." K.P., Edmond, Oklahoma

Active Management & Superior Liquidity

Passively managed funds typically react after your portfolio has already taken a market loss. With us, your assets are invested in an actively managed custom crafted equity portfolio that typically maintains 99% liquidity which allows our Money Managers flexibility to anticipate and take advantage of market conditions, up or down.

Every Investor Deserves to be Elite

The nature of the industry is such that Americans with $500,000 portfolios typically aren't afforded the same level of advice and investing style provided a $50,000,000 portfolio. We believe every investor is entitled to elite level Fiduciary advice and earnings results, regardless of portfolio value. It's no secret elite level investors don't own managed funds, and we can show you why.

Americans deserve better than the standard pre-packaged, one-size-fits-all, bundle of designed mediocrity the "Big Box" players provide to the investing masses, and it is our mission to make sure every investor in the country recognizes they have a choice.